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0.66L bottle Imperial Stout style aged in Bourbon barrels and flavored with raspberries and Madagascar vanilla 12.8%vol.




Raspberries Imperial Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged


A 12.8% alcohol beer, brown in color with ruby highlights. After 8 months of aging in barrels that have contained bourbon as first passage, it is flavored with dehydrated raspberry powder at controlled temperature and Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. The nose reveals the elegant, fresh raspberry aroma immediately accompanied by notes of chocolate, bourbon and woody fragrances. The flavor mirrors the nose. The raspberry opens the palate with its distinctive, elegant, fresh and delicately tart taste, balancing the dense body and the important but unobtrusive alcoholic hint. Closing your eyes gives you the sensation of sipping the alcoholic filling of a dark berry chocolate.


Beer brewed with raspberries and vanilla, aged in Bourbon barrels.

Ingredients: water, barley malt 25 percent, muscovado sugar 3 percent, oats 1 percent, sugar, dehydrated raspberries 0.5 percent, yeast, hops, vanilla beads 0.02 percent.



Produced and packaged by:

BIRRIFICIO LAMBRATE S.R.L. Via Privata G.Sbodio 30/1 - 20134 - MILAN

Produced in a factory where wheat, oats and rye are used 

Keep in a cool place and away from light

Unpasteurized and unfiltered beer without added preservatives

Product Details

Preferred glass
Barrel Aged Imperial Stout w/ Raspberries

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About Birrificio Lambrate

In 1996 the first 2 beers were on tap at lambrate brewpub, there were 3 owners and the brewhouse capacity was 150 litres per batch and the pub was opened few days a week. today there are 5 owners and a considerable staff, plenty of beers are produced and the brewhouse capacity is increasing from 2000 litres to 4000 litres per batch. Alessandra, Fabio, Paolo, Davide and Giampaolo: everyone has a specific role in the company as administrators, head chefs, publicans, headbrewers.

The production

Making craft beer is a time consuming but exciting process, which requires knowledge, passion, care and creativity.

Everything is based on a constant research and selection of quality raw materials, then the brewers decide which beer will be produced in terms of style, taste, colour, abv, etc.

After the recipe is designed, the brewing process can start. malt is milled and it’s mixed with water in a process called “mash”. next step is “lautering” and then “boiling”. afterwards wort is cooled and moved to fermentation tanks where yeast is added. after 4-6 weeks beer is ready to be kegged or bottled. every single process is under brewers control, supported by our chemical analysis laboratory. currently our brewery can produce more than 4000 litres per day.

Your philosophy

Water, barley malt, hops and yeast. these are the basic ingredients we have ever used at lambrate brewery. we select them with care and attention because only best raw materials and a pinch of creativity, lead to a truly original product.

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