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Daniele Menin's adventure in the world of craft production began in 2017, the year in which he decided to start a beer firm driven by the desire to learn the "creative" art that from four simple elements leads to the pivotal drink for the success of his establishments. Eager to prove himself, Daniele decided to flesh out his own production philosophy, inspired by the English tradition. If on the one hand he feels the idea of a smooth drink without too many frills is his, on the other he yields to the fascination of a continuous search for styles still little known to the general public.

Thus, in 2019, the Torre Mozza project was born in the heart of Rovigo, adding a new protagonist to the Veneto's brassic team starting the following year. The name is inspired by the history of the Venetian town, of medieval construction, in which the remains of an ancient castle stand out: it is in particular the Torre Grimani, one of the two that survived and became a symbol of Rovigo together with the Torre Donà, that is affectionately called "Torre Mozza" because of the collapse of the upper part. The castle, and in particular the historical layout of its walls, also refers to the logo, an inverted pentagon enclosed by two spikes and a hop flower.

From the production point of view, the brewery confirms its founder's passion for the British universe, developed between classics and some goodies such as the Dark Mild "Oscar Mild," alongside interpretative proposals fished from the main international brewing meridians, both high and low fermentation. 


Mozza Tower

Via Vincenzo Chiarugi 76/E

Rovigo (RO)

Tel. 349.5491394

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